Sun Pacific – A Global Leader in the Field

Sun Pacific is vertically integrated, ensuring the highest quality produce throughout the supply chain, from careful planting and harvesting, to meticulous packing and shipping, and exceptional selling and marketing. Our competitive advantage is built on the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that began with our founder’s vision – to cultivate the fertile California land and create specialty produce that delights customers and consumers across the country and beyond.

Mindful Growing

Sun Pacific owns and operates land that expands from Bakersfield to the Sequoias in the San Joaquin Valley of California. We use the most sophisticated methods available to deliver the highest quality and safety of our products.

The California environment provides perfect weather conditions for growing healthy and delicious produce, with mild temperatures and naturally rich soil. We carefully select the proper rootstock to grow the healthiest and best tasting fruit.


Quality Harvesting

Our comprehensive selection process for all of our produce combines sensory aspects with scientific methods of testing to ensure just the right mix of characteristics for each piece of fruit. Sun Pacific experts in the field are equipped with the latest handheld technology to measure key traits like size, color, sugar-to-acid ratios, among others. This selective approach allows us to pick only the fruit that’s at the peak of its flavor, which sets us apart and translates into customer and consumer satisfaction.