We take care of our bountiful land using sustainable growing practices. Our environmental initiatives include:

Our reduction of leaching of water past the root zone, has allowed us to improves our water use efficiency and fertilizer efficiency. Resulting in cut cost, while saving water, fertilizer and improving our yield

Conversion to drip irrigation reducing water usage by 10%

We reduced the number of chemical sprays by taking an IPM (integrated pest management) approach which enables beneficial insects to be released to kill the damaging insects. These practices have reduced costs, resulting in less chemical usage and less insect and disease damage

Approximately 30% of our crop has been/in the process of being converted to organic

We have coordinated efforts with UC researchers, USDA researchers, and NASA into water requirements and advanced monitoring of water, CO2, and sunlight usage. Which is currently running multiple advanced research projects into precise measurement of the amount of water the plant uses.

Solar at three of the largest Sun Pacific facilities