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Drive impulse sales by following our merchandising best practices.
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  • Make sure the Cuties brand is prominently featured. Cuties is the preferred mandarin brand and the fastest selling in the category.
  • Display Cuties in a prominent position in the produce section to drive impulse sales. Utilize our high graphic displays and POS to drive impulse sales all season long.
  • Maximize sales by carrying both 3 lb. bags and 5 lb. bags or boxes, as research demonstrates the different sizes appeal to different consumers based size of household and value.
  • Cross merchandise Cuties and Mighties to convey the “kid-friendly” message.
  • Conduct display contests to drive excitement among your stores and drive incremental sales through displays.

Display Base 24L x 15W x 24H
Large Cutout Display 20.25″ x 37.5″
POS 24″ x 9.5″

  • Display conditioned Mighties kiwi that is ready to simply scoop and eat.
  • Retail by the pound vs. each to reduce shrink from handling, improve rotation and increase transaction size. Encourage consumer trade up by switching from 1 to 2 lb. clamshells.
  • Educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of this super fruit and convenient scoop and eat consumption through Mighties informative packaging.
  • Drive impulse sales and awareness by using Mighties high graphic display risers.  Display Mighties right next to Cuties when possible to convey the “kid-friendly” message.
  • Mighties is available year around with supplies from our California vineyards and our international grower partners.

Display Base

24L” x 15W” x 24H”

Large Cutout Display

27.25 x 26


24″ x 9.5″

Merchandising and display tips

  • Abundant, fresh, high quality and well-maintained grape displays generate increased grape sales.
  • When building a display, most bagged grapes should be gently stacked no more than three layers high. Refrigerated grape displays will have an increased shelf life.
  • Grape bags stacked three high will start to show visible shrink at 48 hours of display.

Promotional tips

  • Use Front Page Ads to Promote Grapes.  Front page ads can produce a volume lift of 159%.
  • Promote Multiple Grape Varieties At the Same Time.  When it comes to promoting grapes, offer your customers more options.   Promoting multiple varieties creates larger volume lifts.
  • Promote Grapes Every Week.  More shoppers are purchasing grapes every week and your ads help. 
  • Discount Grapes by 31% or More from Everyday Pricing.  Everyone loves a good deal!  Significantly discounting grapes can maximize volume lifts by over 120%.
  • Leverage the Impact of Your Front Page Grape Ad with In-Store Price Reductions.  Increase the impact of your front page ad by offering a discount on grapes in the store at the same time:  this can result in a 104% volume lift.
  • Use colorful, high graphic display risers, POS and bins which are available for your stores.  
  • Display navels in a prominent position in the produce section to drive impulse sales.  Utilize our high graphic displays and POS to drive impulse sales all season long.
  • Maximize sales by carrying both bulk and bags to appeal to different types of consumers based size of household and value.
Display Base

24L” x 15W” x 24H”

Navel Bin
47L” x 39W” x 29H

Display Base
24L” x 15W” x 24H”

Euro Carton Display Ready Pallet
40″ x 48″

Creating best practices from strategy through evaluation, we work closely with our retail customers in developing what works for them and their shoppers.

From captivating P-O-P materials, utilizing category management tools and current consumer research along with a variety of proven retail marketing programs (from contests to events), let us help you make a mark with your shoppers!

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