Mighty® Mandarin

Mighty® Mandarin

Have you ever wanted a mandarin but bigger?! Introducing the newest mandarin variety, Dekopan! This seedless palm sized mandarin has a distinct taste, with a unique irresistibly sweet flavor that is absolutely incredible. Enormous with sweetness levels off the charts and with a no mess easy peel, this variety is unlike anything you have ever. Only grown in California. Available now through March!

Flavor profile: Sweet, juicy, and packed full of California sun.

Common use: Great as a snack, delicious as a midday treat, and mandatory for fun!

Pairs well with: Chocolate, Coffee, in cake, fruit salad, mocktails, cranberry sauce, scones, etc.

Preparation: Peel and enjoy or remove peel and cut into bite size pieces to add to any dish!

Specialty diets it can be part of: Vegan, Vegetarian

How to store it in their home: Refrigerated  up to two weeks