Air Chief® Grapes

Large, round, plump and juicy table grapes come in three varieties; green, red, and black grapes. The green varieties are a sweet and tasty favorite among consumers and contain plenty of healthy vitamins (C and K) and minerals (potassium and iron). Red and black varieties have received a lot of attention for delivering a cluster of disease-fighting antioxidants in addition to delightful flavor.

Attributes: Bite-sized sweetness, Bursting with health benefits, Extended availability

Sun Pacific delicious table grapes are grown in our vineyards in California’s San Joaquin Valley. We are known for our exceptional flavor, quality, growing and packing expertise. From pruning to precision, our meticulous agricultural practices control humidity and air temperature during storage, extending the life of grapes throughout the season. This allows us to pack and provide millions of lugs of premium quality, California table grapes for our customers.

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Freeze any one of our varieties of grapes for a refreshing, bite-sized summer snack.

Slice grapes in half and add a splash of sweet juiciness to your favorite salad – chicken, pasta, tuna, and kale.